The purpose of our existence is to help our customers to turn their concepts to reality with minimum investment cost. Dedication to clients satisfaction is our promise.

Experience ----

We have experienced designers and well trained low cost workers.

We offer full-line service to our customers--if you want single piece prototype we have Rapid Prototyping & Modeling ; if you want small batch plastic parts we have Low-volume Production .

Sometimes customer would give us a design which can be prototyped but hard to be moulded, with our experience we often help our client to optimize their design for easy mass production, so as to save customers money and to quicken the product development.

We have successfully served customers both from domestic and foreign companies operated in China . We well understand the requirements of foreign customers.

Cost saving ----

The labor cost in China is in low level while our workers are well trained so we can make good products at lower price with short leadtime.

Non-disclosure ----

We acknowledge the importance of protecting Customers intellectual property. Any files from customers will be honored and be kept confidential.

Quality ----

We have rich options of techniques in prototyping/modeling and low volume production. The unique Equal-intensity Jointing Technique used in modeling and small batch production ensures the final parts as solid as molded parts. With this technique you can forget the limitation of enclosure design which had to be taken into consideration in sheet metal enclosure making. And the designers will play best of their imagination. A new model no longer means big budget in tooling.

We have quality control system to ensure the product quality for customers satisfaction.

Delivery ----

We are located in Shenzhen city neighboring Hongkong. We have a worlds 4th biggest seaport , China s 4th airport. We have accounts with UPS, FedEx, DHL. This makes delivery very convenient -- whether you prefer delivery by sea, by air or by Courier.